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When Should You Remove a Tree in Rochester?

When Should You Remove a Tree in Rochester?

The City of Rochester’s Tree Preservation Committee reviews requests to remove Landmark and Historic trees. Listed below are some common reasons to remove a tree in Rochester. These reasons are just a few of many to consider. When should you remove a tree in Rochester? Is it damaging your home, or is it causing a safety issue if it is leaning? Read this article.

Leaning trees
There are several signs that a tree is starting to lean. Leafy trees slow the transfer of heat, and they help cool the area by exhaling water. Rochester has a wide temperature spread, ranging as much as 12 degrees on a typical summer day. The importance of green space is evident: the last hot spell in 2021 occurred during mid-October when an overcast sky broke, and temperatures rose to 80 degrees.

Damage caused by insects
If you’re considering removing a tree in Rochester, you need to be aware of the potential damage caused by insects. While the city of Rochester will treat and trim trees that are on public property, there are instances where insects are the problem. Trees in private yards and utility easements are also at risk for damage. Before getting started, consider conducting a soil test on the tree’s location.

Public safety
The City of Rochester is responsible for maintaining its tree canopy, with over 70,000 trees in the city. Removing a tree in Rochester is usually only an option if it threatens public safety or the cost of maintaining it outweighs its value. If a tree has become diseased or dead or is a hazard to public safety, the City Forester may order its removal and bill the homeowner accordingly.

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Damage caused by storms
After a recent storm, Rochester residents are learning to recognize signs of storm damage to trees. A large tree that fell from a Rochester home killed a 65-year-old man. A meteorologist with the National Weather Service called the storm a “historic event .”Wind speeds at the Rochester International Airport reached 78 mph. It took crews an entire morning to remove the branches and clean up the debris.

Cost of tree removal in Rochester
The tree removal cost depends on its size and degree of overgrowth. Old trees will require more time to trim. Prices should include the cost of disposal of tree branches and other debris. Most companies own their chipper to grind up the components into small pieces. Some companies give customers the wood chips for free or donate them to local parks.

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