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Garage Door Repair Tips and Tricks

How to successfully complete garage door repair at home. Overhead doors on garages occasionally break down and need to be fixed. Overhead doors on garages occasionally break down and need to be fixed. This article will outline a few simple tricks and techniques to make your garage door repair simple and painless. Whether the door rolls up in sections or swings up in one solid piece, it works with tension and a spring system that provides power within metal tracks. Since this system is fairly simple, the solutions are often basic and easy to diagnose.

One of the first things to look for in garage door repair is the metal tracks. Ensure the mounting brackets are sturdy and tight. Loosen any screws or bolts that wobble and look for dents, dings, flat spots or damaged areas. Often a hammer or rubber mallet can be used to pound out irregularities in the track and bring it back to the correct shape. If the damage is beyond repair, it may be simpler and easier to just replace the entire metal track with a new one. You also want to be sure the tracks are properly aligned and are the same height as the garage walls. Tracks can be repositioned back into their correct position by slightly loosening screws and carefully tapping the tracks with a mallet or hammer. Once you can confirm the tracks are in the right position, re-tighten the screws and bolts.

Another thing to keep in mind with garage door repair is to ensure the tracks are clean and lubricated. Check the metal tracks for dirt, hardened grease, grime, leaves, or other debris. Clean the door wheels with solvent and dry the tracks and rollers with a towel. Door spray can be used to lubricate the tracks and rollers. Other alternatives include powdered graphite, household oil, or silicone spray. Don’t forget to grease up the pulley system too!

Next, check the mounting brackets and springs. Your garage door repair is almost complete. If your garage door swings up in one solid piece, the mounting brackets will be on each side and the springs are hooked into adjustable holes or notches. Move the spring to adjust tension. If your garage door rolls up in several connected pieces, the spring is likely connected to a cable and pulley. You can adjust the tension on these types of springs by pulling the cable through the pulley and tying another knot at the end. This will increase the tension that may have worn down over time and should help the door open smoothly again.

If in doubt at any point in the garage door repair process, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. There are certain situations where attempting to do repairs on your own can be downright dangerous. Some doors that roll up in several pieces have only one spring that holds all of the tension. If this is the case , the torsion may be so great that attempting to tighten it could cause serious injury. Contact a garage door repair professional in your community today for an estimate.

Signs You Should Look for Before Replacing a Garage Door

Is the garage door Replacement not functioning and getting jammed every time? It is the time for new garage door installation. Most of the homeowners might notice it easily when a crack appears on the wall or if there is a leak in the plumbing since it would show. However, these people might not notice a serious flaw in their garage doors since it might be not visible.

When was the last time you actually had a look around your garage and spotted a problem with the door or the frame? Probably a long time back. Many people do not even spot any problem till late, and this is where they might go wrong.

However, what people fail to understand is that even if they might ignore a problem, it might end up costing a bomb later. So, what are the signs that one has to look and not delay in contacting the best and trusted garage repair company to replace the old door? Here are a few signs that shall help you in emulating your decision to go for a new garage door.

The damaged or rotten wood of the door: Garage doors that have wood might require good weather coating, and if they have already been in use for a long time, it would require a check. It is ok if the paint comes off, but if the wood starts to splinter off or break off at different places, it is time to go for replacing the door.

Noisy or creaky door: Does your garage door wake up the entire neighborhood while opening or closing? If it makes a loud noise or creaking noise, rattling noise, you might think of checking the same at least or have garage door experts to check out the door for you.

Not change for the last decade and more: If the garage door has served your garage for over twenty years, then it is the time that you do not delay anymore. With weather exposure and with repeated use, doors that old would require replacement anyhow.

Sagging and difficult to function: Usually very old wood of the garage door might sag and become lackluster. Simply seek the professionals to check your door. If you have an overhead garage door, then it is scarier since it might cause accidents as well or falls in the weight. The door might not function smoothly and might require you to hammer on your remote controls too or lift it up partially manually.

Already repair many times: After professional garage door installation, one might have to check the door. The door might require repairs for the remote controls and the motors too from time to time. If the door does not have appropriate size of the doorframe, then it might not sit on the frame properly too. Too many repairs of the garage doors might cause the door to age faster too. Hence, instead of wasting time, and energy on getting the repairs, go for garage door replacement.

Since this garage door would be for the safety of not just your vehicle but for your entire home , do not compromise or ignore any significant signs when you spot one.